Borgo Giulia


Cruarà - Julia

Borgo Giulia is a young company born in the beautiful hilly area of Monti Lattari, in Corbara, between the mountains and the sea of the Amalfi Coast. The company was born from the project started with passion and courage by two young people who, with tenacity and sacrifice, discovered the art of viticulture in an area where it was not always present, choosing to undertake a path that, although guided more by passion that from the wine experience itself has given excellent results and a valuable product. The company aims at producing a quality product that is a faithful expression of a unique territory, a happy marriage between the hand of man and nature.

The vineyard of the Borgo Giulia company is born on the Corbarese hills. A vineyard of one and a half hectares, pampered by a mild climate and grafted into a fertile and ancient land. The very special and unrepeatable soil and climate conditions give life to a wine with unique characteristics, the Cruàra, which the company offers as an excellent, exclusive, unique product. In this corner of paradise, overlooking the enchanting scenery of Ischia, Capri and the Gulf of Naples as protagonists, the vines are grown with care, respecting the environment and the territory. The grapes are harvested at the right level of ripeness, observed day after day with love and vinified using cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is to search for the wines of the future in the past, recovering tradition through modernity, without ever lacking attention and care for the preservation of the nature that surrounds us and gives us unique treasures.

The love for our work, the desire to innovate the sector and to fully exploit the beneficial properties of our grapes, has led us to undertake a new path: the creation of a grape-based cosmetic line. A line that uses red grape plant stem cells to firm, tone, compact and support the skin, stimulating cell renewal and reducing the causes of aging. A real elixir of youth, effective and natural.


Plant stem cells are the vital "heart" of plants and a precious source of natural active ingredients. Present in all plant species, they are found in buds or in the terminal part of the root; even when they are "extracted" they maintain the extraordinary properties of nature unchanged, namely the ability to protect themselves (from heat, cold, sunlight, etc.); to self-regenerate and to repair the damage caused by atmospheric agents or by the presence of man. The red grape plant stem cells have the particular characteristic of reproducing themselves to infinity and of being flexible and therefore they adapt themselves to perform any type of function. Firming, tonicity, compactness, support of the skin, stimulation of cell renewal and reduction of the causes that cause wrinkles and that give the skin the nourishment it needs, these are the effects of stem cells. Furthermore, these plant cells in turn protect human skin stem cells, the plant metabolites contained in them are essential for delaying aging.