Cantina Tagliafierro


Tredici - Tramunte

Talking about ourselves is not simple, it is like giving an account of one's life, of one's experiences. My name is Raffaele Tagliafierro, I was born in 1990 and this is my story. I live in Tramonti, a small town on the Amalfi Coast, which takes its name from its geographical conformation. Tramonti, my land, is a valley "between the mountains" that contains within it a great strength. This strength is the one that saw me grow, a force that has always given me motivation, pushed me to go on and gave me the opportunity to understand that the earth contains within itself a potential that has no comparisons.

I remember, as a child, that I spent every free minute of mine with my grandfather and my father who have always been dedicated to cultivating the land. My parents have always described me as curious and determined; in fact, they say that every new sprout aroused questions and stimulated my curiosity. From an early age I was doing jobs that were bigger than me; my mother tells me that when I was 3 years old I forced my grandfather to buy a small hoe at the village fair. The reason for this purchase? I had to and I wanted to dig the potatoes ... obstinately that summer I worked next to my grandfather, I was little and therefore I could not easily do the job but, despite everything, I repeated to my grandfather and to myself "o poss fa ', or I want to do' "(I can do it, I want to do it)! At the end of the work I sat on the ground and remember the feeling and the pleasure that made me smell the earth.

Growing up, my passion has not faded at all. In fact, I decided to study a bit to learn more and to carry out my project. And here I am, starting a new adventure to which I decided to dedicate myself as ardently as I did as a child. The plots of land owned by my family are for the most part used for viticulture, whose cycle has always marked my years. Thus began the realization of the project of my life: a cellar, my cellar! The success of this project has a great meaning for me: I really want to succeed, I really want to do! I roll my hands up and, as always, I am ready to use the teachings of my grandfather and my parents. An ancient tradition that, I am convinced, you will appreciate with every sip of my wine.

Raffaele Tagliafierro