Marisa Cuomo


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Since 1983, the Cantine “Marisa Cuomo” is an example of heroic viticulture, with its pergolas magically suspended between the sky and sea. It decided to focus on the quality of its wines in order to stand out in the Italian wine panorama with unique and extraordinary wines, as the territory of the Amalfi coast.

About 10 hectares of land winding through terraced gardens overlooking the sea, a stunning view and wines that tell an ancient history, made of hard work, passion and dedication.

The vineyards, some of them centenarians, are exposed throughout the year to the beneficial action of the sun and sea. Perched to the steep slopes above the sea, they characterize the landscape of the Amalfi coast. The Cantine “Marisa Cuomo” uses only native grapes, such as fenile, piedirosso, ginestra, pepella, ripoli, sciascinoso, tintore and tronto.