Amalfi has become a tourist destination for the class, with artists from all over the world, film personalities and culture that choose it as a place to stay thanks to the nature of its territory, its crystal clear sea and mild climate that dilates incredibly summers. It is the heart of the entire coast from which it is named. Amalfi is one of the most famous places of the Campania region, an icon of Italian.

And we do not get bored! Amalfi offers historical tours of great interest with guided walks to visiting monuments, churches and crypts. Paths emanating from its Cathedral, the most famous of its religious buildings, of Arab-Sicilian style, and touching the Arsenal of the Republic and the remains of ancient churches and convents. From Amalfi you can depart by boat to explore the entire coast and its beauties, lovely walks between bays and coves, ideal for lovers of the sea.